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How To Reduce The Development Cost Of Your IOS Application Project

If you think that designing and developing an iPhone application is a cheaper thing, you are far beyond reality. The amount any development company may charge will be surprising and in-house development cost you even more. One reason is the Apple’s platform which is expensive and the second reason is the limited availability of real professionals capable of making a difference to your application idea. Does this mean only companies with huge investment can go for iOS development project? Of course not, in this article we will give you tips to keep the iPhone application development cost under control.

Stick To the Idea and Requirements

The biggest reason of cost increase is when you divert from the original idea. Most of the time companies shoot the development process in a hurry and then during the development process they realize that there should be more features to be developed in the application. More features mean more investment. So the key to success is to stick to the idea and requirements.

Before deployment of developers, you need to be 100% certain of what you need. You must have all possible details with the draft of the idea. These requirements are made with extensive research about the audience, expectations, competition, demographics and various other factors. Once you have crystal clear requirements well documented, employ developers for building the application. Keep in mind, never ask developers to make any change which is not the core part of the project as this will give him the reason to charge extra. Whereas when they have a well written document, they know what they have to develop and they will not be able to charge high. This will also keep them stick to the deadline.

MVP Approach

It is always difficult to decide which features and functionalities should be added in the initial version of an application and which must be added in the subsequent updates. To deal with this chaotic situation, we suggest you go with the MVP approach.

The Minimum Viable Product Development or MVP is the approach in which a new application is developed with features sufficient enough to satisfy the needs of early users. With the passage of time you can add additional functionalities to the subsequent updates. This will reduce significant cost of the department.

Skills Vs Cost

Comparing cost with skill will prevent you from paying extra. If you are new to mobile application development, this comparison will help you to single out the most reasonable service provider. Keep one thing in mind, never compromise on quality. Always choose a company like RE2QA which has a mobile application portfolio to be sure that your idea and product is in good hands.

Native Vs Open Source Approach

There are various open source platforms available and using them for application development can reduce development cost. You only have to develop one app and it will be available for both iOS and Android. But this will allow you limited customization options.

In native approach you go according to the book and guidelines of Apple and Google which allow you full control. The decision is yours. We will suggest going with the quality.

Outsource Properly

If you are going to outsource your project, make sure you do it properly. It’s better to work on a fixed project price. This way you only have to pay a pre-fixed amount and you do not have to pay anything extra if project get delayed for few days or week. If you prefer hourly basis payment, make sure that you have a clear plan in hand and you know exactly how much time requires to develop a particular feature or functionality.

Source: This content is the property of RE2QA which is a tech company based in United States. They provide web and mobile app development services.  

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